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What is PraDigi Creativity Club?

Creativity Club now in WhatsApp

The PraDigi Creativity Club is an initiative to encourage creative learning among children remotely in 12 Indian languages. Built on the premise of our remote-learning initiative, Karona, Thodi Masti, Thodi Padhai, the PraDigi Creativity Club aims to foster creativity, encourage experimentation and curiosity, and facilitate learning.

Creativity Anytime, Anywhere!

Creativity Club is segregated by age into two distinct categories:

   Junior Club is for children aged 6-10 years
   Senior Club is for children aged 10-14 years

Subscribers of the PraDigi Creativity Club can access a plethora of fun and engaging activities on creative learning, following various themes and topics. Also, theme-specific workshops will be planned and conducted remotely, for higher engagement and learning.

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Gain creative skills.
Become self-learners.

Children showcase their artwork on monthly thematic-based activities and participate in workshops

Monthly thematic-based activities

Creative workshops for children

Our Approach to creativity: The 'Ex-framework'

Under the ‘expose’ module, the children would have access to a variety of content, audio/video, that work as introductions to different topics. As the next step, children can ‘explore’ their interests and delve deeper into them through our creative workshops. Children with similar aspirations could be clustered together to form focused learning groups.


The children would work in groups to share ideas, experiences and ‘experiment’ with experiential learning forming a large part of the curriculum. Children would be encouraged to work in groups and share their work with each other, along with an element of peer learning and reviewing, to encourage ‘exchange’ of creativity.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are PraDigi Creativity Clubs?

The PraDigi Creativity Clubs are designed to help children and youth acquire creative skills as self-learners, in an open-learning mechanism.

Who are these clubs for?

Junior Club for children aged 6-10 years and Senior Club for 10-14 years.

When can subscribers access Creativity Club activities on the PraDigi Whatsapp Bot?

Subscribers can access all activities anytime and from anywhere.

Who can subscribe to the club?

NGOs, other organizations, institutions, private schools, parents and individuals across the country

How does it work?

1. All you need is a smartphone to access an array of thematic activities on the PraDigi WhatsApp Bot
2. Send ‘Hi’ on +91 9971248518 or click on the link to start a conversation
3. Add your details and get a unique Member ID using which the subscriber can access activities and keep track of their own progress
4. Have fun doing the activities, share your artworks, experiences and refer the PraDigi Whatsapp Bot to your friends to receive C-Points
5. Redeem your C-points to win a certificate and participate in exclusive creative, experiential workshops